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Beijing Wanhonglu International & Commercial Trade Co.,Ltd was established in January 8, 2008, is the only one in Beijing sidecar motorcycle franchise stores. Major in sidecar motorcycles, the brand has the Russian Ural, the Changjiang 750, Jialing 600, Xinyuan 400 and other imported and domestic sidecar motorcycles. Mainly set up sales department, after-sales service department, operation and maintenance department, activity operation department, design department, consultation department, culture exchange department and finance department. Its predecessor was founded in July 1997 in Beijing Hongda motorcycle repair department.

All along, we adhere to the professional, humane and harmonious way to organize Chinese enterprises to the international market, Beijing Hongmao locomotive club operators have been operating for 20 years, in the community enjoy a higher reputation and the majority of customers recognized and trust. The development of the company to today's success and maintain closely to the motorcycle's Friends , we always keep in mind "customer supreme, meticulous service" concept, in a sincere attitude for each enterprise to provide accurate, high quality, efficient and thorough Of the exhibition full service. But also in accordance with the needs of business development is also constantly expanding the scale.


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